Florida Child Dies in Six-Car Interstate Accident

Florida Child Dies in Six-Car Interstate Accident

Friends and family are devastated at the loss of 9-year-old Logan Scherer, a Tampa child who was killed in a six-car interstate crash. Logan was riding in the left rear seat of the family car when it was rear-ended by Gregory Andriotis, age 33. According to police reports, Andriotis was driving a Hyndai Genesis when he failed to break and slammed into Logan’s father’s Mazda. This created a chain reaction, impacting six vehicles in a major pile-up.

Logan’s father, 37-year-old Jordan Scherer was driving at the time of the accident. His mother and sister were also in the car and all three sustained injuries. The surviving family is currently being treated for injuries at St. Joseph’s Hospital. No other drivers or passengers were injured in the pile-up. Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the cause of the crash, but officials currently do not believe alcohol was a contributing factor.

This is not the first time Andriotis has been faced with consequences for poor driving. According to public records, he was charged with driving under the influence in 2009. He also has a prior conviction for reckless driving and two speeding tickets on record, including an incident in 2001 when police stated that he was driving 71-mph in a 45-mph zone.

The community is grieving the loss of young Logan, remembering his quick wit, his love for comic books and adventure stories, and his dreams of being a professor and learning to play piano. “He was a little prince, the sweetest thing in the world,” said family friend Santiago Echeverry. “The family is absolutely beautiful. They have all the love in the world, and it shows.”

Six-Car Interstate AccidentLogan attended Symmes Elementary School where he was in fourth-grade. Grief counselors came to the school to provide care for teachers and students when they learned of the fatal accident. Students decorated cards with roses and hearts for Logan and sent them to his family in the hospital. The cards featured sweet sentiments like, “I will miss you. Your jokes that you made, they were funny. You always help me when I need it.” Another student remembered Logan as being everyone’s friend. “He was always kind to everyone and he never left anybody alone.”

Logan’s mother, Brooke Schere, is an associate professor at the University of Tampa. Dean of the College of Arts and Letters, Haig Mardirosian, said news of the accident was “a harsh blow to the University of Tampa family”. Brooke is well known for her close connection with her more than fifty students. “Brooke has brought to her teaching a sense of true authenticity and that’s a rare quality,” said Mardirosian. “I have tremendous respect for what she does for us.”

lawBrooke frequently brought Logan with her to class and he was well loved by students. He would sometimes read in the back of the room during classes, but oftentimes he would get caught up in the class and want to participate, showing off his passion as a budding professor.

“This is a horrible tragedy for the Tampa community,” said attorney Bill Winters from Winters and Yonker. “As a Tampa personal injury attorney, I hear about horrific car accidents on a daily basis, but this one has definitely hit close to home.”

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